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Eliminating gaps in the administration of medical data and the provision of non-medical services for patients.

At PharmaWorks, we know how important it is to provide Transfer of Value (ToV) to patients. Therefore, we built a very powerful, yet very light and user-friendly tool to govern the entire process. We called it *drum-roll* EVMS, which stands for Electronic Voucher for Medical Services.

EVMS ensures impeccable compliance through pre-set roles and pre-defined separation of duties, complete transparency; and control over the budget and cost sides of the ToV programme.

ToV can include standalone or bundled services, designed for specific patients’ therapies and conditions. For example: laboratory tests, medical check-ups, rehab sessions, psychological consultations, food and supplement boxes, medical devices and kits, transportation, etc. It can practically include anything that follows healthcare’s ethical code and the respective country’s legislative frame.

PharmaWorks specialises in designing the whole process – from the Sponsor, Service or Product Provider, to the Administrator and all Users that will operate the system. We provide complete end-to-end solutions to guarantee a high-end experience for all stakeholders within the set ToV domain, while always keeping patients’ necessities at the center of our commitment.

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