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Disease Awareness is not enough. PharmaWorks focuses on creating valuable digital content to assist doctors and their patients.

Awareness of a disease and its symptoms is essential for screening, early detection and proper therapy adherence. If members of the public are aware of a disease and its symptoms, they are more likely to take respective actions. Disease Awareness activities are mainly focused toward patients. Nevertheless, it is the case that more and more healthcare professionals are seeking up-to-date information on diseases, therapies, and medical activities that can improve their expertise and provide greater value to their patients.

The uniqueness of content for pharma lies in the fact that it shares common traits with other industries, but it also has its unique features that make pharma a difficult field to distribute content successfully end efficiently. We face the usual woes of producing the right kind of content and reaching the right kind of audience. On top of that, there are some challenges that only exist in the pharmaceutical industry.

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge comes from regulations. Namely, pharma is one of the most heavily regulated industries, where everything, even something as small as a message, must be screened and validated before it goes out. This reflects on outbound marketing practices, but it affects inbound content in an even more complex way.

The stories that pharma brings to the content table need to tick all the standard boxes. This includes a great structure, creative writing, effective calls-to-action and much more. Moreover, pharma content needs to be factual and precise. Each piece has to go through a validation process in order to ensure that the message is fully in line with current regulations.

Social listening is turning into a very important component of the Disease Awareness and Content Creation activities in the healthcare sector. At PharmaWorks, the ethical and compliance responsibilities are of a major importance. That’s why our technology and processes offer complete anonymity and neutrality in the data we provide to the sponsors of the clinical study. The analysis provides the customer with potential gaps and insufficiencies in different therapeutic areas, using AI tools designed to seek for key patterns.

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