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Allowing tuned communication, cooperation, and connection between HCPs, life science technologies, and healthcare service providers.

At PharmaWorks, we often get asked: “What do HCPs want from Pharma?”

Our short answer is: “Therapy value, education, interaction, and the convenience when getting the latter two.”

Physicians become more and more open to communicating through digital channels. Demographic shifts show that around 70% of the EU HCP population already consists of “digital natives,” but even among the older, not entirely digital-savvy, generation, there are strong engagement opportunities for pharma companies. The right technology, introduced by PharmaWorks, can achieve that by providing organised and responsive approach to customer engagement planning. In other words, when used appropriately, that approach can create and strengthen long-term engagements between pharma companies and HCPs.

One in two HCPs finds the normal length of face-to-face visits inconvenient.

Many HCPs are changing their preferences when it comes to how they receive and digest information.

But it goes deeper than that. According to quantitative research by McKinsey and Across Health, the once-dominant HCP archetype of the rep-friendly “Relationship Seeker” is on the wane and now accounts for 24% of specialists in Europe, behind “Independents” (39%) and “Knowledge Seekers” (27%). Strikingly, they either don’t place much value in any interaction with pharma (Independents) or do not value informal talks or samples (Knowledge Seekers).

Nowadays, HCPs rely more than ever on evidence-based materials (Independents) or are interested in the educational programmes that pharma companies can offer (Knowledge Seekers). As expected, HCPs look forward to digital interactions with industry representatives and pharma companies.

So, what does PharmaWorks offer to those who practice medicine?

We offer engaging educational programmes, evidence-based knowledge, digital and fast solutions to organize the administrative tasks related to papers and documents exchanged on a daily basis. To make the chain beneficial to all stakeholders, PharmaWorks either reconfigures already existing solutions and processes in the pharma companies, or builds and introduces custom tools such as:

  • Online portals with exclusive access that contain information, materials and content for the respective HCPs, patients, and clinical trials stakeholders. Everything stored there can be easily arranged, customised and can be readily available on any device. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Digital document tracking platforms that provide paperless solutions to better administrate the relationship between HCPs and Pharma companies: contracts validation and sign off, status tracking and reminding. This particular solution simplifies and quickens work processes for all key parties such as administration, finance and accounting teams, while saving resources and precious time.

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