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The professional healthcare you deserve is at your fingertips.

Home care goes beyond the patient simply staying at home and receiving fragmentary visits by caregivers. The people who often need home care are the elderly, but those people could also be the chronically ill, recovering from surgery, or disabled. Home care services can and should include:

  • Personal care, such as help with bathing, washing your hair, or getting dressed;

  • Household chores, such as cleaning, yard work, and doing the laundry;

  • Cooking for you in your home or food deliveries;

  • Transportation and logistics services for on-site medical visits or relocation;

  • Money management, such as help filling out forms and making sure that your bills are paid on time;

  • Remote calls and monitoring related to prescribed therapy and respective adherence, psychological support, or just having a conversation with another human being;

  • Training and support for family members regarding a specific condition, its treatment, and/or its prevention.

Home care is preferred in many situations, but it might also be looked at with suspicion. The need for home care ranges from people who are temporarily incapacitated to people who require long-term nursing care at home. At PharmaWorks, we meticulously consider the level and frequency of care involved and tailor it according to the needs of every patient. The most important thing is that the patient is the overall beneficiary here. Evidence shows that patients recover more quickly in the comfort of their own home environment.

Home nursing services can be offered to both patients & their caregivers (e.g. family members) inside the comfort of their own homes, with the aim of promoting and meeting therapy requirements until the treatment has been successfully completed.

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