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Creating individual solutions for improving disease management and ameliorating patients’ lives.

At PharmaWorks, we perceive Patient Support Programmes (PSPs) not only as our flagship service, but also as our key mission. The PSP is of great importance to us because it pinpoints and addresses significant healthcare gaps, especially in the phase after a prescription and a therapy protocol have been issued. Contrary to popular belief, the challenge doesn’t end here. Taking the right steps afterwards is usually burdensome for patients and their families. This is where we come in – our role is to scout diligently for any imperfections in healthcare protocols and systems, identifying pivotal elements so we can introduce the most positive impact across the entire therapy chain.

We look through the eyes of the patients, their relatives, doctors, nurses, caregivers, and any other active participant in the chain so we can create the right custom solutions for the right stakeholder. Once we have that system up and running, we don’t stop. We go back through every single step and look for opportunities to improve, over and over, simply because we’re here to solve healthcare challenges and add value to people’s journeys in the best possible way we can.

If we are to deep dive into more technical terms, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) provides a good and straightforward definition of a Patient Support Programme:

“A PSP is an organised data collection system (ODCS) where a marketing authorisation holder (MAH) receives and collects information relating to the use of its medicinal products. Examples are post-authorisation patient support and disease management programmes, surveys of patients and healthcare providers, information gathering on patient compliance, or compensation/reimbursement schemes.”

As an independent private organisation, PharmaWorks provides the knowledge, tools, technical capabilities, and resources to bring all the PSP elements under a single super domain.

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