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We Make Pharma Work

PharmaWorks is a one-stop shop introducing creative physical and high-tech solutions for your healthcare business.

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Who We Are

The intensive daily operations and predicaments triggered by health regulations, complex therapy needs, healthcare practitioners workload, patients’ physical and emotional burden, and increasing competition affect every stakeholder in the healthcare sector. PharmaWorks is partnering with today’s leaders to achieve a single objective – provide people with solutions from tomorrow.

We are the company that can alleviate the pressure in the healthcare system. Coming from this field, we have felt the pain points. Our custom-built and in-house-designed tools are just one of the perks you can get. We know how to acquire adequate feedback, how to design a working process to find solutions with added value and fill the gaps.

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Custom design, technology, and continuous improvements keep us going forward.

PharmaWorks’ readily available multifarious solutions are crafted to eliminate inefficiencies in the dynamic evolution of healthcare and deliver competitive edge. We create and implement various tools and services which can be adapted to your specific needs, ranging from ongoing optimization to automation. We can increase your business efficiency, while keeping people’s well-being at the heart of everything.  


Patient Support & Adherence Programs

Creating individual solutions for improving disease management and ameliorating patients’ lives.


Healthcare Practitioners Training & Digital Communication Platforms

Allowing tuned communication, cooperation, and connection between HCPs, life science technologies, and healthcare service providers.

Coordination of Medical Tests, Exams, and Logistic Services

Eliminating gaps in the administration of medical data and the provision of non-medical services for patients.


Disease Awareness, Content Creation & Social Listening

Disease Awareness is not enough. PharmaWorks focuses on creating valuable digital content to assist doctors and their patients.

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Home Care via Physical & Remote Support

The professional healthcare you deserve is at your fingertips.


RWE & Lab Tests Dashboarding

It’s time to unveil the best digital solutions to track and monitor patients’ outcomes.

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Inspired by the potential of the healthcare system, we set out with a single goal - to improve the journey of the patients. By collaborating with partners in the field, we strive to add value to interconnected processes and provide a better experience for patients, their families, and the medical personnel.

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PharmaWorks combines data-driven research and real world evidence to focus on overcoming challenges. Our healthcare know-how enables us to offer you a single product or an ecosystem of services to set the highest technological and medical standards. Understanding how to face the increasing complexity in the needs of patients, families, medics, and therapies is at the core of our endeavour.

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We believe that...

Striving for efficiency and breakthroughs in healthcare does not happen overnight. We can properly identify the problem and craft a specific solution to bring high-end experience for those you care about the most. PharmaWorks stands for methodical execution with on-the-go flexibility that can bring down any wall to transform the patient’s journey.

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Our Tools & Services reach

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